Baker Says RMV Inspection Delay Needs To Be Solved 'By The End Of The Week'

Baker said he expects the vehicle inspection system at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to be up and running again "by the end of the week."

Video Transcript

- Gov. Baker said today that he expects the registry's inspection system will be up and running by the end of this week. The state's car inspection system has been down for several weeks now after a malware attack on the private vendor that runs the system. The registry says it expects inspections will be able to resume this coming Saturday. Today, the governor said that he expects the vendor to find a way to make it up to people who have been inconvenienced.

GOV. CHARLIE BAKER: To the best of our knowledge-- and we've spent a lot of time with the vendor on this-- nobody's information has ended up anywhere in the public domain, and I think that's really important. The second thing I would say is we fully expect the vendor to find a way to compensate many of the folks at the dealer and the service station level who have been horribly inconvenienced by this.

- The governor also added that he has reiterated to police to not be ticketing people who have not been able to get a new sticker.