A Bald Eagle Ice Skating Is Just What We All Need

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First, Lake Winnipesaukee. Then the Winter Olympics.

A bald eagle turned the awkward pursuit of a morsel on the frozen New Hampshire lake into a charming skating routine, as seen in a video by local resident Matthew Moore. (Watch the video below.)

The clip went viral after WYFF News 4 reposted a version from New Hampshire station WMUR-TV set to easy-listening guitar, which works beautifully.

The eagle hesitates at first, but as it gets closer to its snack it seems to really get into it, picking up its talons and even gliding a little.

“I give it a 10,” one visitor to the station’s Facebook page wrote. “That’s on the old way of scoring a skate routine.”

“Why fly when I can skate!!” another commented.

The animal kingdom is full of skating hopefuls who just can’t cut it, but maybe the eagle could be ready for Beijing 2022.

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