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New Bald Eaglets Being Born Across America

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CBS4's Lilia Luciano has more from California.

Video Transcript

- America's first feathered family is growing. New bald eaglets are being born across the country.

- In Southern California, there's hope there will soon be a new addition to the nest. CBS 4's Lilia Luciano has more from Los Angeles.

LILIA LUCIANO: Like many expectant couples, Jackie and Shadow anxiously await a new addition to their family from 150 feet up on this pine tree overlooking California's Big Bear Lake. America's Bald Eagle population has more than quadrupled in the last decade. But here in the Golden State, the species is still endangered. The stakes are high for Jackie and shadow, who've been protecting their egg for 45 days.

Can you give us a status update? What's the latest?

SANDY STEERS: Well, at this point, it's very unlikely that it would hatch.

LILIA LUCIANO: Sandy Steers helps run the conservation group Friends of Big Bear Valley, where she's been watching the feathered pair for years.

What's the challenge in getting them to hatch? I mean, how difficult is it?

SANDY STEERS: They have to guard them all the time from predators. They have to keep them warm and incubated the whole time.

LILIA LUCIANO: How does it feel when an egg finally hatches?

SANDY STEERS: You feel joy and excitement about seeing the little chick in the nest.

LILIA LUCIANO: A rare triumph this week when two breeding Bald Eagle pairs each had triplets thousands of miles apart. In Redding, California, Liberty and Guardian welcomed their third. And at the Hayes nest in Pittsburgh, another family of five, all captivating audiences worldwide.

SANDY STEERS: Jackie and Shadow have enough of a personality. It's almost like they're putting on a live action TV show. People like the entertainment, but then they realize how much they feel connected with nature. And they like the sounds around the nest and the scenes they can see. So it's been making people relax when they're uptight about everything else going on in the world. It gives them a place of solace.

LILIA LUCIANO: A symbol of the American spirit soaring once again. Lilia Luciano, CBS News, Los Angeles.