Baldwin High School Students Hold Rally To Discuss Sexual Assault

Conversations over sex education are heating up at Baldwin High School. Students held a hallway rally on Monday to discuss the topic of sexual assault and changes they feel need to be made to the curriculum; KDKA's Nicole Ford reports.

Video Transcript

STACY SMITH: The conversations over sex education are heating up at Baldwin High School. Students held a hallway rally yesterday to discuss the topic of sexual assault and the changes they feel need to be made to the curriculum. Nicole Ford is live now in Baldwin with what students and administrators are saying. Nicole.

NICOLE FORD: Stacy, the topic sparked from an alleged sexual assault between two students off campus in 2019. Social-media posts over the weekend brought the incident back into the spotlight. Now students want open dialogue and more resources moving forward.

Inside Baldwin High School, students of all ages gathered in the halls on Monday.

ISABELLA TITOV: It's people I'd never even met. It was people I've never even seen. It was-- the amount of support I felt at Baldwin that day really made me change the way I view things.

NICOLE FORD: Isabella Titov organized this event on the topic of sexual assault. We are blurring the video streamed on social media since minors were involved, but the message from these students was clear.

ISABELLA TITOV: And they wanted to feel, like, heard, and it was so inspiring to see all these people finally feel heard and feel as if they had a voice and they had a chance to say something.

NICOLE FORD: But school leaders say the campaign doesn't stop in this hall.

RANDAL LUTZ: We had the opportunity to listen, and now what we've spent today working on is connecting children with resources. We have the resources available, whether it be counselors, social workers. We contract with AHN, and we have a CHILL project.

NICOLE FORD: Superintendent Randall Lutz tells me he wants students to feel safe and comfortable to talk about a situation even if it did not happen at the school. While the resources are already there, the conversation is now turning to education. Should there be more?

RANDAL LUTZ: We are looking at and continue to look at revising health, phys-ed curriculum, the health topics, consent. All of those things need to be part of the conversation, and they always have been. But I think yesterday and then ultimately the follow up today allowed us to refocus on some of those efforts.

NICOLE FORD: The allegations that started this conversation did bring up some concerns from the public on if the school district [INAUDIBLE] this alleged sexual assault. The school board is conducting a third-party-review matter to make sure that all the proper channels were handled correctly by the school district. That is ongoing right now. Now for any reported alleged sexual assault here at the district, anything reported to a staff member is immediately taken to local law enforcement.

Reporting live in Baldwin tonight, Nicole Ford, KDKA News.