Ball Arena Now Open At Over 90% Capacity

For the first time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, nearly all the seats at Denver's Ball Arena will be full of fans. Just over 18,000 fans will be allowed inside, which is about 90% of capacity.

Video Transcript

- Colorado makes its comeback tonight. Fans are going to fill Ball Arena to cheer on the Nuggets. That's where we find Justin Adams live this morning. And, of course, Justin, it's a big game three, but a lot of work to do to secure a win finally in this series.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Oh, 100%. You know, LL Cool J once said, don't call it a comeback, he's been here for years. But let's be honest, that's exactly what the Nuggets need. They need a comeback. And it's going to start tonight with a whole lot of fans will be in the stands.

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, the stands will be full. 18,300 fans will be allowed at Ball Arena, which comes out to just about 90.7% of stadium capacity. This is a change from how it's been before when it was only 10,500 fans that were allowed in, which came out to just a little bit over 57% capacity.

Now let's talk about the product on the court. And it hasn't looked too good for the Denver Nuggets. Let's be honest, they didn't show up for the first two games. They were blown out by the Phoenix Suns. Now with the Nuggets down to 2 to 0 in the series to Phoenix, head coach Michael Malone warns his team not to rely on the home crowd tonight to get them back on track.

MICHAEL MALONE: You can't use they were going home for game three as something you can rely upon. We have a great crowd. But if we play like this, they're going to boo us off the court, and rightfully so.

JUSTIN ADAMS: A lot of strong words there from head coach Michael Malone. Now there won't be booing in the first part of the game because Nikola Jokic will be awarded the MVP trophy. And that's going to happen before tip off. And speaking of the tip off, the game will get started at 8 o'clock tonight. Hopefully, we'll all be smiling later on this evening. Live at Ball Arena, Justin Adams covering Colorado first.

- All right, the smile is on. I believe and smile power. Thank you, Justin.