Ballots and sausages for Aussies in the U.S.

STORY: It would not be an Australian election without a fun, meaty philanthropic tradition.

That’s why members of the Golden Gate Australian Football League (GGAFL) were grilling “democracy sausages” outside of the consulate, greeting voters with the delicious smells of grilled 'snags', as they’re called Down Under.

"In Australia, a lot of the voting stations are in like elementary schools and things like that, so it's just an opportunity for them to put on, sell a few sausages and make a little bit of money to help with the local community," said Rob Benjamin.

The general election on Saturday has become too close to call, according to polls issued Wednesday.

The ruling conservative coalition has narrowed the gap with the main opposition Labor Party.

"I have to admit neither of them really instilled much passion in me. I'm very happy to say I voted for the Greens, and I'm really happy to support them," said freelance musician Bethany Hill.

"I voted for Labor. To be honest, I'm just ready to see the back of Scott Morrison, to be honest," said Chris Martin, a San Francisco resident who works in tech.

Economic problems have dominated the last stretch of the campaign.

The center-left Labor has put spiking inflation and slow growth in wages at the forefront of its campaign.

While Prime Minister Scott Morrison's Liberal-National coalition has urged voters to focus on unemployment, which is at its lowest since 1974.