Baltimore Buzz: Black-Eyed Susan Donut Is Back

Baltimore Buzz: Black-Eyed Susan Donut Is Back

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- All right, it's Friday on TV Hill, you know we're talking What's Buzzing on this Friday night. Attention all grads for the University of Maryland. If you want to be featured in this year's commencement ceremony, the school wants your pictures and your videos and your reflections about the past year and moving forward. So share using the hashtag UMDGrad. You got to do it by next Thursday. Graduation is planned for Friday, May 21 at Maryland Stadium.

- Pretty cool opportunity to get highlighted there. Very special moment of last night's NFL draft. We talked about a little bit earlier. Mo Gaveth could not be there in person, but we know he was there in spirit. The Ravens fan section brought Mo's cardboard cutouts along with them. They brought him to the show. Back in 2019, Mo had the chance to announce the Ravens pick in the draft-- the best announcement ever, becoming the first person to announce a pick in Brown.

Now the Ravens, they welcome their two newest draft picks to the castle in Owings Mills today. Wide receiver Rayshad Bateman-- got to love that name-- and outside linebacker-- I'm not familiar on how to say this yet, but I'm going to learn. Odu [? Faoway? ?] I think that's how you say it. Big things expected out of these two guys. I probably butchered it. I'll learn it.

- That was a good try. Preakness is two weeks away, guys. I don't know if you can believe that, but if you're looking to celebrate, check this out. Black-eyed Susan donut from Dunkin' Donuts! Yeah, yellow icing there. White chocolate sprinkles and a dollop of chocolate buttercream on top. Yes, please. The limited edition donut recognizes Maryland's official state flower, and it celebrates the return of Preakness Week here in Baltimore. You can get it starting this Sunday.

- I wish you could just go over and--

- Yeah, seriously!