Baltimore Buzz: Busch Beer Looking For Their Official 'Dog Brew' Taste-Tester

Baltimore Buzz: Busch Beer Looking For Their Official 'Dog Brew' Taste-Tester

Video Transcript

- It's hum day, and we're going to get you through it with a little Baltimore Buzz. Check out this gorgeous photo, right here, captured on the patapsco river. "Gwynnda, the Good Wheel of the West, being escorted by the pride of Baltimore II and a fire boat" with the Key Bridge right in the background there. Mr. Trash Wheel has asked people to caption this. As you can imagine, he got some great responses, like "Stand back, boys. A woman's work is never done." I like that. And, "We're not in Kansas anymore." Of course, quoting "The Wizard of Oz," which is the movie that Gwynnda is named after.

- I told you she's the new face of Baltimore. All right, we are halfway through the week, right? You probably need a drink. If you do, head on to the Wine Collective in Hamden. It is why on Wednesday there. That means they have $5 wines on tap. So if you like a red, a white, a rose, they've got literally something for all the wine lovers out there. And on top of that, you can get $4 bar snacks all day, like a perfectly paired meat and cheese board.

- Nicole always gets the fun reads. That's the best one. Busch sniffing around for a new CTO. That is a chief tasting officer. But they're not looking for people here. They are looking for man's best friend. The beer brand wants to pay your pup $20,000 to be its official dog beer taste tester. Bush is expanding it to alcohol-free dog brew that launched last year. Some of those qualifications to get involved, here, need a refined palate, an outstanding sense of smell, and while not required, proficiency in English. That would be an added bonus. Your chances increase if you have that.

- That is adorable.

- That's what's buzzing in Baltimore on this hump day. We'll be right back.