Baltimore Buzz: Cherry Blossoms Getting Closer To Full Bloom

Nicole and Denise share what's buzzing in Baltimore.

Video Transcript


DENISE KOCH: All right, we know the music. It is time to talk about what's buzzing in Baltimore.

NICOLE BAKER: Yes. March Madness kicks off Friday, right? Everyone wants in on the bracket, but what if you're not a basketball fan? No problem.

How about a beer bracket? Yes, the beer app Untapped is pitching in it's 64 most checked in breweries against each other. They're pitting them against each other. There are a couple of local spots on the list, of course.

Number 13 is Guinness. It is competing against Toppling Goliath Brewing of Iowa. And number 36, Flying Dog is battles-- is battling Rogue Ales of Oregon. So anyone can join in on the fun. The link is on Untapped social pages.

DENISE KOCH: Vote local. Well, it may not feel like spring outside today, but the cherry blossoms, they are giving us some hope. The National Mall says that the buds are now in phase two and florets are visible.

So what do you know? There are a total of six phases, six being peak bloom. The Mall tweeted that peak bloom could be less than three weeks away. And don't forget the National Cherry Blossom Festival starts this Saturday.

NICOLE BAKER: Yes. If you're going, take your masks, maintain your distance. All right. We want to wish a very happy, sweet birthday to the Vaccaro's Pastry Shop turning 65 years young today.

And how about celebrating with a $0.65 cannoli, Denise? You can get them at any one of the three locations in Little Italy, Canton, or Cockeysville. Remember, Vaccaro's got $7,500 recently from the Famous Fund to help them stay afloat during this pandemic.

DENISE KOCH: I may have to get one on my way home.

NICOLE BAKER: That looks so good.

DENISE KOCH: There is nothing like a Vaccaro's cannoli.

NICOLE BAKER: Oh my gosh.

DENISE KOCH: They make them every day. They are fantastic.