Baltimore Buzz: Here's What's Trending In Baltimore

Baltimore Buzz: Here's What's Trending In Baltimore

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- --here to talk What's buzzing on Hump Day. Oh, yeah. If you are looking for something to do as the weather gets nicer, why not stroll down Main Street? Travel Maryland is kicking off its Main Street Monday next week. From Sykesville to Frederick and everywhere in between, they will highlight one of Maryland's designated Main Streets, including locally owned shops, exciting events, and a variety of restaurants. If you see a Main Street you love, make sure to give it a like.

- All right. This is no ordinary horoscope for you. Visit Baltimore having a little fun with this one. They're giving each sign a local landmark that represents them. OK, first up, Aries season. I'm an Aries, I agree with this. They are said to be competitive, yes. Energetic, yes.

- Oh, definitely.

- And fearless, yes! So there is no group to represent the fiery sign than the Orioles. Some others include Aquarius for Mr. Trash Wheel, Sagittarius, lemon sticks.

- That's me.

- Uh-huh.

- And the Leos are the bright pink flamingos at the Maryland Zoo and all over the city. I think I agree.

- OK. And if you're looking for a sweet spring treat, grab those caramel creams. The Baltimore favorite is the main ingredient in this salted caramel spring skillet. So how good does this sound? It is a cookie with cow tails baked into it and caramel creams on top. It only takes less than an hour to make. And to make it even better, top it up with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. I guess you make it yourself.

- My mouth was open the whole time you were reading that.

- Why not? I'm going to do it.

- Oh my gosh. We'll be right back.