Baltimore Buzz: Take A Look At This Spaghetti And Crab Meatballs Dish!

Baltimore Buzz: Take A Look At This Spaghetti And Crab Meatballs Dish!

Video Transcript

- All right, we are talking what's buzzing in Baltimore tonight. If you want to get away, you probably do, and you don't want to go too far, how about you check out Middletown, Frederick County? Travel Maryland highlighting Main Streets all over the state, including this one. And they say that Middletown offers breathtaking views and historic landmarks that just greet you as you make your way down the mountain. Sounds amazing.

If you love the shot, there's also a variety of specialty stores you can check out. Then grab a bite to eat from places like Dempsey's Grill. You're also just a few miles away from the Appalachian Trail head, Civil War battlefields, local wineries, and one of Maryland's only meateries!

- Wine. We're sold. All right, if you're looking for a dinner idea this weekend, the food market in Hampden now expanding. This Friday, they're opening a brand new location in downtown Columbia. They're going to be serving up comfort food with a twist for brunch, lunch, and dinner. You can eat inside or out on the patio. Make your reservation now.

- It all sounds great. All right, if you need dessert, ice cream lovers, this one is for you. The C&O Canal celebrating 50 years as a national park, right? And so Rocky Point Creamery in Frederick wants to celebrate by creating a special flavor dedicated to the park.

Here are your options, listen up. The Maryland Mule is a vanilla ice cream float with ginger ale, topped with crystallized ginger and a lime slice. And C&O is coffee ice cream with oat-based granola and dark chocolate chips. Yes, please. Finally, Mule Food features sweet cream with ice cream, oatmeal cookies, and chocolate hoof pieces. You can vote on your favorite right now, and you'll be entered for a chance to win a gift card.

- They had us at the Maryland Mule. I mean, come on now. That looked like mint chocolate chip and, I think, strawberry.

- It did.

- Two solid flavors?

- One of everything. We'll take it all.

- Please.