Baltimore Buzz: It's National Beer Day!

Baltimore Buzz: It's National Beer Day!

Video Transcript

- It is home opener even, and we're talking with Buzzy and Baldwin. Well, Mr. Trash Wheel out with a mama duck update. You may remember last week we told you about the special guests that he's looking out for. Well now, we are getting our first look at the mama duck guarding her eggs in the mouth of Mr. Trash Wheel. Yes, previously said that he will help protect the whole family. All right, you better.

- We love that. All right, we all know and love the art movement that just took our city by storm by decorating those boring yellow salt boxes. Well now the DOT has revealed their plans for those boxes' future. And listen up, if you do not want to lose your masterpiece. So normally the city puts out the salt boxes in November and picks them up around mid-April, right?

But now, you have the chance to adopt your box. So that means your artwork will stay intact, but you are in charge of maintaining that box. Big responsibility, otherwise. You have to remove your art and revert the box back to its original state. Nobody wants that. No matter what you decide, you have to do it by April 15.

- Somebody get Marty on the phone. We've got to protect that box at the bottom of the hill.

- Save Marty Bass.

- We were just talking about this. It is national beer day, and to celebrate, you can raise a glass filled with locally-made beer from one of more than 100 breweries all across the state. This one right here from Hopkins Farm Brewery in Havre De Grace. To find one near you, VisitMaryland has you covered, whether you like a classic brew or something more imaginative. There is something for everyone.

Like this one right here, probably my favorite, Full Tilt Brewing, their newest beer called "Fruity Crispy Frenchy Toasties." All right.

- I love the name.

- Try having a couple of those and then saying that, good luck. It is a hazy double IPA that has breakfast for dessert vibes made with cinnamon French toast, cereal, vanilla, lactose. At 7.5%, you and I, I don't know if we could do many of those.

- I don't-- you know me, I'm a one-drink limit person.

- Maybe just like a shot of that for you.

- Yeah, but we got to taste it. We got to try it.

- I thought they would have sent some. We'll be right back.