Baltimore Buzz: National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

Today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! Would you try this king size milkshake from simply chocolate?

Video Transcript

- I do know what that music means. It is time to talk what's buzzing in Baltimore.

- Oh, yeah, we know it happened over the weekend, but you've likely heard by now that the Orioles just absolutely crushed it yesterday. The team beat the Cleveland Indians 18-5, it's safe to say, the team had some fun sharing it with this tweet, good time had by all. Even the beloved Oriole Bird says he had an RBI, he just wasn't caught on camera.

- Ha,ha,ha,ha.

- We believe you.

- Join the club, Bird. Or this one showing some love for Ravens kicker Justin Tucker. Last night's win was the highest scoring game for the Birds since 2015. Wow, well, from one word to another. The Baltimore Ravens just launched it's very first ever gaming league. The new initiative allows fans to compete in sports competitions and activities. And it along to the end of the month with a Fortnite tournament, and it will hold another Madden competition that'll happen later this summer. The grand prize winner gets 500 in cash, a Ravens home game experience, and a chance to play against a current Ravens player.

- And when that happens, we'll have cameras. And in case you're looking for a reason to enjoy a sweet treat to beat the heat and who isn't, it is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. This picture already making us drool, that is more than chocolate ice cream, it's a King sized milkshake, a chocolate lover's dream with a Reese's cup, a Hershey kiss, chocolate covered pretzels, a brownie and more, and you can get it on your next trip to Hershey Park from Simply Chocolate. Christy [INAUDIBLE], who has been there, I think, four times already this season. Next time, Christy, you get that.

- Bring it, bring it back to us. That was buzzing in Baltimore. We'll be right back.