Baltimore Buzz: One Local Puppy Is Ready For Opening Day!

Baltimore Buzz: One Local Puppy Is Ready For Opening Day!

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- You know what time it is. We're talking What's Buzzing in Baltimore tonight on this Wednesday, as we get ready for Orioles opening day. I mean, come on, you have to start planning those game-time snacks. And that's where Pepsi comes in. You can enter now for a chance to win some baseball eats. The Os say they may be on the road tomorrow, but this right here, the perfect way to bring a taste of Camden Yards right into your home.

- I think we'd have to agree, [? Art. ?] If you want a dinner idea, did you know it is National Oysters on the Half Shell Day? Yeah, it's a celebration for the last day of oyster season, and the unofficial oyster capital of the world, of course, right here in our state, is in Queen Ann's County. You don't have to travel very far to get some local Chesapeake Bay oysters.

- Yeah, those look good. All right, who doesn't love Old Bay? I mean, come on now! Apparently, the beloved spice is going to the dogs. Meet Benny the Golden, sporting an Old Bay and crabs bowtie. He calls Baltimore home with his mom and dad, who were born and raised in the area.

- Oh my god!

- Since Betty is still a puppy, he's exploring places like Fort McHenry and Diamondback Brewery. "I can't wait to keep growing up and exploring all that my home state has to offer." Oh, he's also getting ready for opening day, loves the Orioles, and he's got that blanket, but he doesn't know what his humans are so excited about.

- He is so cute!

- He's adorable. Oh, my goodness.

- Oh my-- I'm getting a second dog.

Look at, you can't adopt him. That's not up for adoption.

- I can't? Dang.

- I know.

- Come on.

- Your birthday, though, coming up.

- I heard-- I hope somebody at home heard that. You know who you are.

- Be careful what you wish for. People will send puppies to this station.

- [LAUGHS] I need another dog!

- It will happen. Stay with us. We'll be right back.