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Baltimore Buzz: Sandlot Season 5 Begins April 30!

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Baltimore Buzz: Sandlot Season 5 Begins April 30!

Video Transcript


- All right, you know what time it is. We are talking what's buzzing in Baltimore on this Tuesday. We all know and love the Ravens' Marlon Humphrey. Right?

But now, he's got a new gig off the field, guys-- modeling. Yeah, look here. Cowboy Humphrey is the new star of the campaign for Boot Barn.

He poses in the "Lookbook" alongside Mars astronaut trainee Alyssa Carson. And when the Ravens played the Titans in Nashville-- last season's playoffs you remember-- that Marlon actually went shopping at Boot Barn to get that cowboy hat and them cowboy boots. And that's where this all started.

- You know, I remember when he first got here, the first time I met him. He had a cowboy hat on. And I was like, OK, you know what? It's his style.

- It's a vibe.

- He rocks it, and he kills it.

- There you go.

- All right, if you're looking for something to do, now that the weather's getting nicer, the Inner Harbor Kayak Tours, they're making a comeback. The depart from the Maryland-- they depart from the Maryland Science Center and explore the Inner Harbor, including giving kayakers an up-close look at Mr. Trash Wheel. I mean, that's worth it alone.

You can book your spot right now. Space is certainly going to be limited here. And you must be an experienced paddler. This fun begins Sunday, May 2. And it's going to happen each Sunday through October.

- I'm laughing because the last time I was in a kayak, it flipped over on me.

- I wish we had video of that.

- So that ain't happening. All right, another sign that summer is just around the-- around the corner, a Baltimore favorite is about to open up for the season.

- Oh, yes.

- I'm excited for this. One of our favorites, The Sandlot, kicking off Season 5 in a little more than two weeks on Friday, April 30. Mark your calendars because the spot in Harbor East will drink specials, live music, and food trucks. That is one of my favorite places to go in the city.

- Oh, my goodness. You want to be outside--

- I love it.

- By the water, positive vibes--

- That's right.

- Good food, good drinks-- go there.

- Yeah, it's a good time.

- And just don't leave.

- [LAUGHS] That's what's buzzing in Baltimore tonight. We will be right back.