Baltimore Buzz: THB Celebrates Maryland Day With Special Bagels!

Baltimore Buzz: THB Celebrates Maryland Day With Special Bagels!

Video Transcript

- We're talking what's buzzing in Baltimore tonight. And, of course, we're celebrating Maryland Day. It marks the anniversary of the 1634 landing of the first European settlers in our state. Travel Maryland out to test your Maryland knowledge with some brainteasers, such as, you may never see timber running but in Ocean City you can see this? And this ill-tempered Chesapeake creature gets pretty steamed when it feels a pinch.

- Well, everyone's tweeting about this, including Governor Hogan and all our favorite sports teams, from the Ravens, to the Orioles and, of course, the [? Turps. ?] Mr. Trash Wheel also tweeting, a happy Maryland Day to all humans and crabbies, he says. But what we really want to talk about is the food. THB Bagelry making their Maryland flag bagels featuring a tie dye pattern of red, yellow, and black. But what's more Maryland than Old Bay? The beloved seasoning tweeting this clip of a crab waving our state flag and saying, don't eat me.

- You can even celebrate if you're out of state. Check this out. Jimmy's Famous Seafood now out with their misplaced Marylander package. They are shipping six softshell crabs, two crab imperial rockfish, a Smith island cake, and an Old Bay hot sauce all over the country. That's a great gift.

- Wow. I'm on my way. We'll be right back.