Baltimore Buzz: Utz Announces Winner Of 'Munch Madness' Tournament

Baltimore Buzz: Utz Announces Winner Of 'Munch Madness' Tournament

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- If you could only see what goes on behind the scenes here. It is Friday, we are buzzing tonight. And Sunday is National Pet Day. That's a great day. Route One Apparel has the perfect treat for your best friend-- it's also going to help other pets in need. Check out the new BARCS Box for dogs and their owners. It includes lots of toys, treats, accessories, even a paw print face mask. All the proceeds of each $75 box are going to be donated directly to BARCS to help them with their animal care costs in Baltimore City.

- Dogs need love, too. All right, yesterday, we told you about the winner of the National Aquarium's March Madness, right? Well tonight, we have the winner of the Utz Much Madness-- Cheese Balls. Yeah, you can watch sports-- and well, you can't watch sports without good snacks, right? Utz wanted to find out which one reigned supreme. They came up with the brackets, people got in, they voted for their favorites like the Crab Chip, Salt and Vinegar, Ripple Sour Cream and Onion, just to name a few.

- I was trying to look at the other contestants. I think that's a solid winner right there.

- You think so, Cheese Balls?

- Yeah.

- All right, I'll let you have it.

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- Just makes me want to do this.

- Just do this?

- I'm just happy.

- Look at those moves.

- I want it all.

- Got rhythm like that, you know? I mean, oh. We'll be right back.