Baltimore County 4th Graders Are Finalist For National Braille Challenge

A group of Baltimore County 4h graders are finalist for the National Braille Challenge.

Video Transcript

- Well, of course, we all know that sports are kind of a big deal here in Maryland. And when one of our teams makes it to the big show, you know we're ready to cheer them on.

- Well, now we are happy to say there's another finalist that we can cheer for. [INAUDIBLE], as you see here, is a top 50 qualifier for the 2021 National Braille Challenge. Enny is a fourth grader from Chapel Hill Elementary School in Baltimore County.

- The Braille Challenge is the only academic competition for blind and visually impaired students in the United States and Canada. The challenge will be held remotely this year, and we will start in June. And of course, the event will start in June. And we will begin right now wishing Enny the best of luck.

- Best of luck to Enny. That is a good challenge [INAUDIBLE].