Baltimore County Officials Are Scared to Tell Citizens Not to Recycle Glass

Jarrett Stepman

Virtue signaling is the modern, politically correct way to demonstrate your “goodness” to others, usually with little actual sacrifice or effort.

It’s a kind of surface-level, and typically meaningless, moralizing that Americans get force-fed from Hollywood types seeking accolades on social media.

Now, if you live in one Maryland county, you too can participate and pretend to be saving the planet while doing absolutely nothing.

The Baltimore Sun reported in early February that Baltimore County—which does not actually include the city of Baltimore proper, but surrounds the city—hasn’t recycled glass in seven years. In 2013, the year the glass recycling stopped, the county opened a $23 million single-stream recycling facility.

That kind of facility, now the most common, allows for many different materials to be mixed together and recycled. But not glass, apparently.

Given the county’s inability to recycle glass, surely residents could simply deposit glass in the trash, where it would end up anyway?


According to the Sun, “county officials have been reluctant to tell residents not to recycle their glass for fear of derailing a good habit.”

The bottom line is, the whole process is now little more than “virtue-cycling.”

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