Baltimore County Police Release Body Camera Footage From Woodlawn Attack, Everton Brown Shooting

Body camera video released Friday morning shows the chaotic scene in Woodlawn earlier this month when Baltimore County Police officers shot and killed a man they say murdered three others.

Video Transcript

- The other big story we're on top of tonight, getting a first look at the terror and chaos that unfolded in a Baltimore County neighborhood earlier this month.

- That's right. Police body camera video giving us a much more clearer picture of what happened in Woodlawn when officers shot and killed a man they say murdered three others before setting his home on fire.

- It's still unbelievable. Neighbors say the suspect had harassed them for years. WJZ investigator Mike Hellgren live on the scene for us with the chilling images tonight. Hey, Mike.

MIKE HELLGREN: Hi, Nicole and Rick. Those are very difficult to watch and there is still debris left behind from this incident. It really has shaken this community to its core.

- 26. Shots fired. Shots fired. Shots fired.

MIKE HELLGREN: From the moment Officer Irwin gets out of his police SUV in Woodlawn, he's met with gunfire.

- Drop the gun! Drop the gun! Where? Where? Where?

MIKE HELLGREN: Baltimore County Police say the suspect, Everton Brown, set his home on fire and killed three of his neighbors in the frightening incident which unfolded two weeks ago. Soon more officers arrive on the tense, chaotic scene. Listen to how many gunshots are fired as they try to get Brown under control.

- Down. Down. Down. He's down. He's down. He's down.

MIKE HELLGREN: The victim's bodies are on the ground as police move in.

- Have medics [AUDIO OUT] two subjects down.

MIKE HELLGREN: They're able to take Brown into custody alive. He later died on the way to the hospital. Police found a gun, knife, and explosive devices they say all belong to Brown.

- Oh my gosh, all we heard was Pop! Pop! Pop! And then the house blew up.

MIKE HELLGREN: Neighbors say Brown harassed them for years, was paranoid and aggressive, and believed the FBI had his home under surveillance.

- The FBI have their employees here watching me.

MIKE HELLGREN: Police responded to more than 100 previous calls for service at his home in the past three decades. The police chief says Brown was likely suffering from some sort of mental illness. The four officers remain on routine administrative leave while the investigation is underway. The victims include husband and wife Sara Alacote and Ismael Quintanilla, whose teenage son survived and their neighbors Sagar Ghimire, who recently moved to the community. He came from Nepal to attend college. His cousin spoke to me shortly after his murder.

KANCHAN GHIMIRE: We lost a brother, we lost a son, we lost a friend. He was literally like the backbone of his family.

MIKE HELLGREN: And almost $60,000 has been raised for the survivors through GoFundMe. Police also tell us that the weapon that the suspect had in this case was obtained legally. Reporting live in Woodlawn, Mike Hellgren, WJZ.