Baltimore County's Spring Restaurant Week Begins Friday

Baltimore County will hold its first Spring Restaurant Week from April 16 to May 2.

Video Transcript

- The time, hey, it has finally come. The very first Spring Restaurant Week is here in Baltimore County.

- And local businesses around the area are gearing up for day one.

- Hey, WJZ live at 5:00 o'clock tonight, Max McGee is going to show us the excitement of today and how it's been building up now for two years. Max.

MAX MCGEE: Rick, Vic, happy Restaurant Week to you. [? Now, Rick, ?] of course you've got to remember this is a day that was taken away from us last year because of the pandemic. But judging by the crowd around me, it looks like Restaurant Week is a success.

Cafe Troia has been open for decades. An Italian staple in Towson, the cooking tradition [? lasts ?] over 35 years. This year's Restaurant Week is one long anticipated.

LISA TROIA: This is an event that people love. The public knows that they're going to get a great deal, they're going to try some new restaurants, and it's a win-win for everybody.

MAX MCGEE: Prix fix three-course menus for dine-in and carry out, including the filet of salmon sauteed with capers, roasted garlic, and white wine.

LISA TROIA: It's been a lifesaver. I mean, carryout is what has kept us in the game.

MAX MCGEE: Billions of dollars were lost nationwide, with Forbes reporting more than 100,000 restaurants closing last year. Carryout income is 50% for Cafe Troia, but this 34-year operator says Restaurant Week is the boost they needed.

Over at Pappas, crab cakes is what they're known for. Several different dining rooms has them ready.

JUSTIN WINDLE: People are starting to dine in again. It feels so good. And I'm just so thankful, more than ever, to welcome the people back and to feel a little bit like the old times.

MAX MCGEE: Founder, Mark Pappas, in the building today for another Restaurant Week. He's been here since the '50s. Some more familiar faces? WJZ's Denise Kock and Oprah donning the walls. 66 restaurants participating. Local flavor, delicious deals. All they need is you.

Back live now at Pappas. is where you find all the list of participating restaurants along with their menus. Now, Rick, Vic, I have a little surprise for you. Now in front of me here, I have a side of vegetables with the crab cakes. Pappas is known for the crab cakes. I not only have one. I have two. I'm going to bring these back to you, and we're going to get a--

- Wow.

MAX MCGEE: --review from what you guys think. How about that?

- Wow.

- OK, absolutely. Hurry back now. Don't stop for lights or anything. Drive straight back.

- Max, we got to know. You're at an Italian spot. Did you learn any cooking tips today? Are you going to be chefing something up this weekend?

MAX MCGEE: I learned how to do that salmon with the white wine and the capers.

- Ooh.

MAX MCGEE: Lisa's got me covered. I'm going to learn some more.

- OK.

- Max, and we're going to be looking forward to the Max McGee photo--

- Yes.

- --hanging up at Pappas as well.

- There you go. They're going to need one three times the size, though. They put you right at the top.

- All right, thank you, sir. We'll see you later.