Baltimore Man Selling 'Goth' House Full Of Black Decor

Baltimore Man Selling 'Goth' House Full Of Black Decor

Video Transcript

- If you're looking for a new home, there is a unique place that is now up for sale.

- Yeah, I saw this online. I was worried. All right, it's a creepy Goth- and horror-themed house. It's right here in Baltimore.

- And the seller says his house is his twisted imagination that came to life. So it includes black carpeting, black furniture, and here's the kicker, a coffin, as you can see. There is also a black church pew, black chandelier, and black spider web railings that are upstairs.

- Not to mention, real cemetery gates and headstones in the backyard. The realtor advised the seller to remove the 20 life-size figures from horror movies. The one bedroom house listed for $225,000. As the daughter of a funeral director, I'm going to say that's a no.