Baltimore mayor releases Squeegee Collaborative's action plan

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott on Thursday released recommendations from the Squeegee Collaborative to address the practice. Following the 11 News I-Team's exclusive report on the Squeegee Collaborative's recommendations, the mayor on Thursday rolled out details of his strategy. The mayor said the working action plan addresses squeegee work in Baltimore, but won't immediately stop it. Scott said previous attempts at resolving the issue failed because they lacked the sustained investment and dedicated problem solvers to break the cycle that he said this plan has. The mayor said squeegeeing has been a viable source of income and that, under the plan, the city will provide resources. The mayor's strategy includes an initiative called "earn and learn" under which 100 squeegee workers could be paid $250 a month up for to a year not to engage in the activity. They must enroll in training or find transitional employment.