Baltimore Museum Of Art Set To Reopen To Public

This weekend, the Baltimore Museum of Art is reopening to the public after being closed for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video Transcript

- This weekend, the Baltimore Museum of Art is reopening to the public after being closed for months because of the pandemic. WJZ's live Stetson Miller tells us more about the reopening and the new exhibits that you can see. Stetson.

STETSON MILLER: David, yeah. The BMA has been closed since November, but now it's back and we're giving you the very first look inside at some of the new exhibits they're unveiling.

Maryland's largest art museum is back after closing its doors just before Thanksgiving because of the coronavirus.

CHRISTOPHER BEDFORD: The idea of a museum like ours, with such a set of pronounced civic convictions, to have closed doors feels just antithetical to our nature.

STETSON MILLER: Starting March 28th, the public can come back inside the BMA with limited capacity, timed-entry tickets being made available, allowing just eight people for 30 minute time slots.

CHRISTOPHER BEDFORD: That allows people to mingle, but do so while maintaining public health.

STETSON MILLER: The museum says demand has been overwhelming and they've already sold out tickets for their first week.

CHRISTOPHER BEDFORD: I think what our reservation system demonstrates is that we are actually essential to a happy, functioning, and rich society.

STETSON MILLER: New exhibits include paintings and other works by Tschabalala Self, Lisa Yuskavage, and Sharon Lockhart, and Gee's Bend quilts.

CHRISTOPHER BEDFORD: You're seeing textiles, you're seeing extraordinary painting, moving image, and sculpture.

STETSON MILLER: While the museum is welcoming in far fewer people than Baltimore city's allowed 50% maximum occupancy, Director Christopher Bedford says they are deliberately taking a very cautious approach, for now, and hope to open up more as more of the state gets vaccinated.

CHRISTOPHER BEDFORD: If we're successful in the number of people we're inviting in daily, we'll steadily ramp up those numbers.

STETSON MILLER: And the museum is open Wednesday through Sunday. And the next round of tickets will be made available on Tuesday. For the link to those, head to our website, We're live at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Stetson Miller for WJZ.