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Baltimore Nurse Melissa Wesby Talks About Working On COVID Frontlines, Introduces VP Kamala Harris' During Visit

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A Baltimore nurse and mother of three introduced Vice President Kamala Harris during her visit to the M&T Bank Stadium mass vaccination site.

Video Transcript

- A Baltimore City nurse played a crucial role during Vice President Kamala Harris' visit to M&T Bank Stadium yesterday.

- And it's not what was said on stage during her introduction, but more of the connection that she made with her.

- Yeah, WJZ is live tonight, Max McGee shares how this was the best day ever for a member of Johns Hopkins Bayview. Max, tell us about it.

MAX MCGEE: Hi, guys. Melissa Wesby prides herself on bonding with her patients. And until recently, COVID has really taken that away. Well, she made a pretty good connection yesterday. Johns Hopkins Bayview nurse Melissa Wesby wears her emotions on her sleeve just as proudly as the scrubs on her back. Serving our community for 14 years, each connection she feels suddenly lost during the pandemic. But a bond she felt Thursday moved her to tears, introducing Vice President Kamala Harris at M&T Bank Stadium's vaccination site.

MELISSA WESBY: I was so in my feelings and just trying to calm myself and taking deep breath and calling on the ancestors.

We care for patients--

MAX MCGEE: Breast cancer survivor working on the COVID unit, mother of three, Wesby moved here from New Orleans in 2007. To meet such a powerful woman of color, simply overwhelming.

MELISSA WESBY: The excitement my children had, the excitement my husband had, my mom, my high school-- yeah, it was just a beautiful moment. And she was so human.

KAMALA HARRIS: Thank you, Baltimore. Thank you, Maryland, for making these 100 days what they have been, as so many of you have spoken and said, where we see light at the end of the tunnel.

MAX MCGEE: A connection she will treasure for a lifetime.

MELISSA WESBY: I was there to introduce her. It's so beyond me. It was just out of body. I still can't believe it.

MAX MCGEE: And back live now. Harris called Wesby a hero. Now she doesn't really see herself was one. But one of the lessons that we learned yesterday was to just live in the moment. We're live at 5:30. living in the wind. I'm Max McGee for WJZ.