Baltimore Woman Making History Participating In Unique Sport

Baltimore Woman Making History Participating In Unique Sport

Video Transcript

- Well, it is Women's History Month, if you didn't know, and we wanted to bring you the story of one Baltimore woman making history as an athlete.

- Annie Rose Ramos spoke to her about her unique sport and how she finds inspiration from it to create art.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: This is Baltimore's Katie Pumphrey swimming the English Channel, all 21 miles of it.

KATIE PUMPHREY: I finished that swim in 14 hours 19 minutes.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: Then she swam around Manhattan, and after that, the Catalina Channel.

KATIE PUMPHREY: When you finish a swim, I mean, there's nothing quite like standing on the shore and realizing what you just did.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: The three swims make up the triple-crown of open water swimming. Katie's the 73rd woman in history to complete all three.

KATIE PUMPHREY: It's an honor to join so many women that have made this sport more possible.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: But when you can't find Katie in the water, you'll find her painting.

KATIE PUMPHREY: [? So ?] you can look at a painting and have an experience.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: Drawing inspiration from the many miles she's spent in the water.

KATIE PUMPHREY: Yeah, and there's moments where you feel in control. There's moments where it feels chaotic and crazy and overwhelming, and then you kind of level out again. I want a painting to do that.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: Over the winter, Katie caught COVID. Her doctors worried there would be lasting effects.

KATIE PUMPHREY: Because there's some evidence of endurance athletes having cardiac issues.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: But she's been given the green light to start training again.

KATIE PUMPHREY: You know, I love the experience of these long swims.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: And she plans to do all of those triple-crown swims for a second time, starting with the English Channel next year.

KATIE PUMPHREY: There is something truly magical about those swims.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: Some may ask, why? To which Katie says--

KATIE PUMPHREY: Because I love it.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: Annie Rose Ramos reporting for WJZ.