Bam Margera Has Reportedly Been Found And Placed On Psychiatric Hold After Brother Asked For Help Locating Him

 Bam Margera in an interview on Dr. Phil.
Bam Margera in an interview on Dr. Phil.

Bam Margera has unfortunately been facing a number of issues as of late. Reports have been swirling about the Jackass alum battling addiction and dealing with his divorce from former partner Nikki Boyd, who he shares a child with. More recently, he’s made concerning comments (some of which have been chronicled on social media) and was reportedly missing. This past weekend, his older brother, Jess, reached out to fans on social media to ask for help locating him. Now, Bam has been found and placed on psychiatric hold.

It was believed that the former reality TV star was going to Los Angeles, and that’s where authorities ultimately caught up with him, according to TMZ. The LAPD located the 44-year-old Sunday afternoon at Trejos’ Tacos. Apparently, law enforcement was able to track him down using his phone. When he was found, the MTV alum apparently acted erratically. Those purported actions are what led the police to determine that he needed to be put under a 5150 hold.

Insiders say that Bam Margera was taken to a mental health facility, and it’s currently unclear as to whether he’s receiving treatment. The law stipulates that he can be detained there for at least 72 hours. As mentioned, Margera made some alarming statements over the past week, even threatening to smoke crack until he died in one social media post. In that same update, he also blamed his ex’s family for his drinking problem, and the message garnered a counter argument from Nikki Boyd’s lawyer. He’s also said to have made disturbing calls to his loved ones while he was missing in April.

The Viva La Bam star has been in and out of rehab over the past year. He was at a facility in Florida when he went missing in June 2022 and, less than two weeks later, he disappeared again only to be returned to the center shortly after. Aside from his frequent stints in wellness centers, he’s also dealt with a number of health issues. He was reported to be in the hospital and on a ventilator after contracting COVID-19 in December 2022. The star would later admit that at one point, he was “declared dead.”

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His more recent behavior has seemingly been most concerning to his friends, family and fans. Bam Margera challenged Johnny Knoxville to a fight back in April, recording the “dare” in a video that was shared to social media. Fellow Jackass alum Steve-O attempted to help his old friend but eventually seemed to wash his hands of him. After another post went live, the stuntman – whose full name is Stephen Glover – wrote an emotional message in which he asserted that his “brother” is “dying.”

The Margera family has been vocal during this time as well. Over a month before putting out an APB for his younger sibling, Jess spoke about the star’s alleged meth addiction. In Jess’ estimation, his brother has become “unrecognizable” and unpredictable due to his habit. The boys’ mother, April, reached out as well, saying that she and their relatives “love him so much” and “just want to help him.”

Only time will tell how long Bam Margera remains in the rehabilitation facility, as there’s always a possibility that his stay could be extended. This is surely a sad situation, and you can’t help but hope that things improve for Margera. We wish him, his family and friends the best during this difficult time.