Bangladesh factory fire kills at least 52

A massive fire at a juice-making factory in Bangladesh has killed at least 52 people, officials said Friday, and injured at least 20 more.

The fire erupted late on Thursday on the ground floor of the six-story building southeast of the capital Dhaka, and was still raging into Friday evening.

Firefighters scrambled to control the flames, which reached all the way to the top of the building, where some managed to be rescued.

Meanwhile, authorities say three workers jumped out and died in an attempt to escape.

It's the worst industrial disaster to occur in Bangladesh in five years.

The country has a track record of poor working conditions and safety standards.

Officials say chemicals and flammable materials were stored inside the building, and some key exits were locked, including a door leading to the roof.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, but police said they were investigating and legal action would be taken against those responsible for the fire.

Dozens of family members have taken to protesting outside the plant, demanding justice. Others are still looking for lost loved ones.

The factory is owned by the private Hashem Food and Beverage, part of Bangladesh's multinational Sajeeb Group.

Neither company responded to request for comment on Friday.

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