Bank of America to permanently close main Aiken financial center downtown

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Jul. 14—Bank of America's main financial center in Aiken, which is located downtown on Laurens Street, will be closing permanently next year on May 23.

Earlier this month, the center's customers received email notifications about the planned shutdown.

The Bank of America financial center at 150 Aiken Mall Drive S.W. will remain open.

"Bank of America remains committed to serving the financial needs of our clients and customers in the Aiken area, as well as remaining a supporter and participant in the community," said Bank of America spokesperson Christopher Feeney during an interview with the Aiken Standard.

Bank of America's main financial center in Aiken is at 167 Laurens St. S.W.

The historic structure where the center is based is known commonly as the Farmers and Merchants Bank Building.

The structure was built around 1911 and combined with the Chatfield Building, which was constructed in the 1890s, according to

No employees at Bank of America's main financial center will lose their jobs as a result of its closure, according to Feeney.

"They will be reassigned to other (Bank of America) locations in the area," he said.

Feeney also discussed the decision to close Bank of America's main financial center in Aiken.

"Our financial center network is still very much core to our business, and we feel like it gives us a strategic advantage," he said. "But we're always looking at ways to optimize our financial center and ATM network so that we can deliver ... a modern banking experience to support our clients and their future needs.

"As you can imagine, more and more people are moving to digital for day-to-day financial needs, what I would call traditional transactions," he continued. "You can do so much on your phone. People prefer to visit a bank branch only when they have more significant or personal needs."

At Bank of America's main financial center, "we saw fewer site visits (by customers) even prior to the (COVID-19) pandemic, and ... the pandemic sped up the trend we were already seeing."

The ATM in the drive-thru area at Bank of America's main financial center also will close on May 23 of next year.

"There are about five ATMs available in approximately a 4-mile radius" of that location, Feeney said.

Bank of America leases the space used by its main financial center in downtown Aiken.

Even though that main financial center will be closing, Bank of America's Merrill office in the Farmers and Merchants Bank Building will remain there, Feeney said.

Merrill, which offers investment management and wealth management services, is part of Bank of America.

Chad Ingram owns the Farmers and Merchants Bank Building.

"It's to be determined; it's wide open," Ingram said, when asked about the plan for the space that will be left vacant when Bank of America's main financial center in Aiken shuts down.

"I want it to be something the town can be proud of," he added. "I want it to be something that fits with the town."

Bank of America is a masterpiece sponsor of Aiken's Makin' and an Aiken Chamber of Commerce member. The company also has provided philanthropic support to Aiken Technical College and nonprofits in the Aiken area.

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