Banksy sells original art for $60 in Central Park

Banksy, the elusive British street artist, pulled off another fantastic stunt over the weekend, selling pieces of his spray artwork — which typically fetch tens of thousands of dollars at auction — from a Central Park vendor stall for $60 apiece.

“Yesterday I set up a stall in the park selling 100% authentic original signed Banksy canvases," the artist wrote on his website Sunday. "For $60 each."

Just three people took advantage of the one-day sale, with passersby assuming the works were knockoffs.

In a video documenting the pop-up shop, the first buyer, a woman, successfully haggles with the vendor — an old man apparently hired by Banksy — who sells her two canvases for half-price.

Another buyer, a man from Chicago, explained, "I just need something for the walls." He bought four paintings for $240.

Total sales for the day: $420. (The Sydney Morning Herald estimated the artwork was worth 233,200 to 339,200 Australian dollars ($221,000 to $322,000.)

"Please note: This was a one off," Banksy added. "That stall will not be there again today."

Banksy has been causing quite a stir in New York during his monthlong residency, with his spray artwork and installations popping up throughout the city unannounced.

One — a slaughterhouse delivery truck dubbed "The Sirens of the Lambs" — was seen driving through the Meatpacking District carrying stuffed animals.

Last week, several news outlets, including the Daily News, reported that Banksy may have been inadvertently photographed near one of his installations: a mobile waterfall constructed in the the back of a different truck.