Banksy's latest: Twin Towers in Tribeca

Dylan Stableford
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Banksy's Twin Towers

Graffiti depicts a flower emerging from the Twin Towers. (

Tasteful or tasteless?

Banksy unveiled the latest piece of his month-long New York City residency: graffiti in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood depicting a silhouette of the World Trade Center's Twin Towers with a flower — an orange chrysanthemum singed at the edges — emerging from one of the buildings.

The stenciled spray art was posted on the elusive British street artist's website on Tuesday, a day after another Banksy piece was spotted in Woodside in the NYC borough of Queens.

Banksy's art can occasionally get political. One of his most famous works, the "Rage Flower Thrower" stencil, features a rioter, face covered in a kerchief, throwing a bouquet of flowers instead of a grenade.

But up to this point in his New York residency, Banksy has largely avoided controversy, with stenciled statements and installations more playful than political. On Saturday, Banksy sold canvases of his spray artwork — which typically fetch tens of thousands of dollars at auction — from a Central Park vendor for $60 apiece. (His "slaughterhouse delivery truck" filled with stuffed animals, seen in Manhattan's Meatpacking District last week, was the closest Banksy has come to pointed social commentary.) But Tuesday's 9/11-themed art is sure to provoke some strong reactions from residents.

"Banksy dares vandals with latest artwork," the New York Post declared on its website, running a photo of the piece with a construction worker's helmet on the sidewalk below.

What do you think about Banksy's latest design? Moving, or offensive? A tasteful tribute, or tasteless provocation? Let us know in the comments section.