Bar Owner Accused Of Selling Fake COVID Vaccine Cards

A saloon owner in the Central Valley has been arrested after state agents say he was selling fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination cards out of his business.

Video Transcript

TONY LOPEZ: We begin tonight with the Central Valley bar owner busted, accused of selling much more than booze. Investigators say the old quarter saloon served up fake COVID vaccination cards to undercover agents. Thanks for joining us tonight. I'm Tony Lopez.

TONY LOPEZ: And I'm Elizabeth Klinge. The bar is in Clements along Highway 88. According to its website, it's been in business for several decades. CBS 13's Adrienne Moore is live in the newsroom with the crackdown on these counterfeit cards. Adrienne.

TONY LOPEZ: Elizabeth and Tony, investigators say it is clear plenty of people want these cards, but not the vaccine. And that's where 59-year-old Todd Anderson comes in. Authorities say between pints, he was also serving up handfuls of fake vaccination cards.

LUKE BLEHM: We received the tip a couple of weeks ago and immediately started working the investigation.

ADRIENNE MOORE: Tapping into a criminal market with a product borne out of the pandemic.

LUKE BLEHM: They appear to be the exact same cards that are issued to everybody, with the CDC logo.

ADRIENNE MOORE: But authorities say these COVID vaccination cards aren't legit. Agents with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control seized dozens of them from the old corner saloon in Klemens.

LUKE BLEHM: We were able to purchase four. And then today, we located 30 blank cards, laminating machines, laminate, cutters, and things to manufacture the cards.

ADRIENNE MOORE: For 20 bucks, undercover agents with ABC say they bought the counterfeit cards from Todd Anderson of a Campo, the 59-year-old owner of the

LUKE BLEHM: He was booked at the San Joaquin County jail for falsifying a medical record, for falsifying a seal, and several counts of identity theft.

ADRIENNE MOORE: Investigators also found an unregistered.