Barbecue Pop-Ups Raises Thousands For Nonprofits

As CBS2’s Cory James reports, a simple venture to raise money by baking bread turned into barbecue pop-ups that are raising thousands of dollars.

Video Transcript

- --City man turned his pandemic stress into purpose.

- A simple venture to raise money by baking bread turned into barbecue pop-ups that are now raising thousands of dollars. CBS 2's Cory James has the story.

CORY JAMES: On the streets of Astoria, a passion project is being cooked. The man behind it, Eli Goldman.

ELI GOLDMAN: It's definitely something I've fallen in love with.

CORY JAMES: A love that started last April. Video showing it grow as Goldman lowered homemade bread from his balcony to customers paying in donations for charities. It is also this moment that inspired the 32-year-old to expand his cause by lighting up his smokers for barbecue pop-ups at venues across the city.

ELI GOLDMAN: It's anything from brisket to St. Louis cut pork spareribs.

CORY JAMES: Since doing that, the Astoria resident has raised about $60,000, the money going to nearly a dozen organizations all over New York City. One of those nonprofits, the Ali Forney Center.

About how much money did he raise and donate for you guys?


CORY JAMES: President and executive director Alexander Roque says that money will help feed their 2,000 LGBTQ+ homeless youth.

ALEXANDER ROQUE: For our kids, it actually shows them that people care about them. That in spite of what their families believe, in spite of what they've been told, people want nothing but their success.

CORY JAMES: And Goldman says his success would not be possible if it were not for the help of businesses. Places like Comfortland in Astoria, a cafe that partnered with them, offering up space and paying for the food barbecued, which then gets offered to the public to purchase. 100% of the proceeds given to local charities.

MATHEW NASSER: Definitely something that, on the heels of a pandemic, is great to see. You want to see people who are selfless like that, who want to do things for others.

CORY JAMES: A man who is finding a way to give back and unlock inner peace through helping his community.

ELI GOLDMAN: The pandemic was absolutely making me extremely anxious. I now. Have something I can focus on which helps me out.

CORY JAMES: And Goldman has a pop-up event this Saturday right here in Astoria at Single Cup Breweries. Donations from that will go to Doctors Without Borders and also City Year New York. In Astoria, Cory James, CBS 2 News.

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