Barbecue tong-wielding man hospitalized after picking up rattlesnake

Brandon Sapienza, New York Daily News
·1 min read

A rattlesnake in Southern California took the phrase “kiss the cook” a little too seriously.

A man is recovering at a California hospital after a trying to pick up the rattlesnake with barbecue tongs before being bitten on the hand by the venomous viper.

The incident near the man’s home on Saturday evening in Corona. According to a statement from Riverside County Animal Services, the victim was seeking “to remove the snake to protect the children in the area.”

When first responders converged on the house following a 911 call, Officer Mike McGee from Animal Services “determined it would not be safe to release the snake near the community and euthanized the snake after it was safely caught by McGee.

Typically, officials try and release rattlesnakes within one mile of where they was caught.

Rattlesnake bites typically don’t lead to death but there have been rare cases where fatalities have been reported according to the statement.

More rattlesnake sightings have been reported in part due to the rise in area temperatures over the last number of weeks. McGee said that he has responded “to at least four calls in the past couple of weeks or so — and safely removed two rattlesnakes.”