Barbershop Quartet Helps North Texas Woman Celebrate 100th Birthday

CBS 11 photojournalist Mike Kinney has the story from Arlington.

Video Transcript

KEN MOLESTINA: A special way to celebrate a North Texan's century-long journey this afternoon. CBS11 photojournalist Mike Kinney takes us there. It's all new, at 5:00.

JACK WEBB: So, we're here in Arlington, Texas, today. We have a sweet young lady, Mary, turning 100 years old today.

- Hello, Mary. Hi.


- (SINGING) Happy birthday to you.

JACK WEBB: When I saw that it was her birthday, and I saw that it was 100, I said, "We got to do something more than just give her a card today."

- (SINGING) Dear, Mary.

JACK WEBB: She doesn't like sports stars. She's not a big fan of the politicians. But she definitely loves to sing.

- (SINGING) Light of my life, my darling.

JACK WEBB: Her husband was part of the quartet and sang for years and very outgoing. And these guys couldn't help but come out and do that with her.

- (SINGING) Sunshine for--

- We are the Goodtimes Chorus.

Jerry was a member of our chorus and was probably one of the founding members. And we're here to pass on some joy to Mary by singing a few songs in barbershop style.

- (SINGING) Hold you in the [INAUDIBLE].

JACK WEBB: She's such a sweet lady and she's got a great family. And while we can't go out because of COVID still, we're coming to her.


JACK WEBB: Any birthday. It's fun to celebrate anything to anybody, and especially a birthday or an anniversary.

- (SINGING) Only you.


- Our Thanks to Mike Kinney for that piece. She has the love and the support of her entire community and all of her friends. Happy birthday to you, Ms. Mary.