Barcelona doctors strike to improve conditions

Holding up banners and chanting “enough, enough”, health workers demonstrated in front of the Catalan healthcare headquarters.

Despite health workers offering only “minimal healthcare services” during the four-day strike, local residents said they supported the health workers´ battle and still received good healthcare attendance.

“I very much agree that there is a strike and I am very happy with how they have treated me, I was a little worried about that (the strike) but no, they have treated me very well and I think that the health personnel are the ones who have the most reasons to go on strike as things are today,” Jose Enrique Gargallo said.

Spain has reported nearly 28,000 new coronavirus cases since Friday (October 9), bringing the cumulative total to 888,968, health ministry data showed on Monday (October 12).

The death toll from the virus rose by 195 from Friday to a total of 33,124. Spain does not report its coronavirus data during the weekend.