Bard to continue being a rock-solid fantasy closer

Drew Silva gives his take on the unusual contract extension the Colorado Rockies gave to closer Daniel Bard and what that means for his fantasy value as the de-facto ninth-inning option.

Video Transcript

- The way the Rockies operate is sometimes confounding. And the latest such example, they just signed 37-year-old closer Daniel Bard to a two-year $19 million contract extension days before the trade deadline despite being fully out of contention for a postseason spot.

Bard has been terrific this year, working to a 1.86 ERA, with 44 strikeouts, 238 and 2/3 innings, while converting 22 saves and 24 opportunities. He hasn't blown a save since May 15, and he gave up just one run in all of July.

But uncompetitive rebuilding teams usually unload their bullpens around the deadline, certainly so when those bullpen options are of the veteran variety. The good news from a fantasy perspective is that Bard will remain in a ninth inning saves compiling role for the rest of the year and likely into 2023. Had he been dealt to a contender, he very likely would have finished out in a setup gig. So thank you Colorado.