Barely clad Kim Kardashian poses with grandma MJ, and the internet goes bonkers

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What is she wearing? What isn’t she wearing? What was she thinking? What should we be thinking?

These are the questions, both spoken and unspoken, that erupted after Kim Kardashian posed nearly naked with her fully clothed grandma MJ. The internet was befuddled.

“My cutie MJ,” read the tweet’s caption above a photo of Mary Jo Campbell, Kris Jenner’s mother, affectionately known as MJ to her grandchildren.

MJ has been a frequent guest on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and has grown in online fame via her Instagram account.

On this one photographic occasion, however, the attention was decidedly not on MJ.

“All we can see are the t—s Kimberly,” tweeted one commenter.

“Why ain’t meemaw in a kini?” asked another, and, “Kanye left with your clothes?” queried a third.

Some were a little scandalized, with “You can’t put some clothes on even when you around her ? lol” and “That is some snap to take with ur nanny isn’t it.”

Some were taken with the incongruity of it all.

“I don’t exactly know why but this is hilarious to me,” tweeted one commenter, and another decided they had something to look up to, with, “I aspire to post grandma and titties in one pic.”

The photo had its fair share of admirers as well, with tweets calling the snap beautiful, hot, and other complimentary things.

One thing it didn’t have was answers or an explanation of the composition, which was about as enigmatic as the Mona Lisa.