Barn Find 1952 Porsche 356 'Pre A' Seeks New Forever Home

Calum Brown
Porsche 356

A barn find 1952 Porsche 356 'pre A' has surfaced for sale online. You may need to be brave to take it on, however...

Any early examples of Porsche’s treasured 356 commands top dollar on the open market. Radiating the purist form of post-war automotive exhilaration, collectors fall over themselves to acquire Porsche’s genesis production model – especially in ‘Pre-A’ form.

Per recorded production figures, little over 7600 examples of the ‘Pre-A’ model were built between 1948 and 1955. Powered by a 1.1-litre flat-four and churning out 35bhp, the inaugural Porsche offered a top speed of 83mph and 0-60mph sprint in 14 seconds. Scoff all you like, but this was cutting edge at the time.

Although far removed from the current range of powerful modern counterparts, original 356 vehicles can change hands for upwards of $300k.

However, there is another path to 356 ownership. Rather than paying ungodly sums for a pristine specimen, if you’ve got the time and resources, a barn find example can provide all the provenance minus the crippling initial payment.

For sale online, and in need of a complete restoration, is this 1952 356 ‘Pre-A’. Having resided with the same owner since the early 1970s, the barn find Porsche started life as a Grey over Blue Coupé. As you can tell by the advert’s accompanying pictures, time has not been kind to the vehicle since.

Weathering and corrosion remains scrawled across the body panels, pointing to the need for structural repairs and a stripdown restoration. The floors and sills appear to be made entirely of rust, with literally none of the original paint to be seen.

The engine hasn’t been started for some time but does appear to be complete. However, the engine is not the car’s original powerplant. This unit has been lifted from a later 356A, perhaps scuttling its chances with serious collectors. Almost everything else is original, though. The gearbox, dashboard dials and Telefunken radio have never been removed.

This car represents a clean slate to restore as you see fit, and who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to do that? Get a closer look here.