Barn Find 1968 Shelby Mustang GT500KR Sees The Light Of Day

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After 30 years of sitting, this classic Mustang will finally be restored to its former glory by a truly passionate Mustang enthusiast.

Mustang enthusiasts are some of America’s most loyal and instantly recognizable subsections of the classic car community due to their intense pride for the cars they love so much. While many people enjoy the style and performance of Mustangs from every generation, some enthusiasts take things a step further than just dreaming about a classic ‘Stang. These hardcore car guys take it upon themselves to save their beloved classic Mustangs from a harsh grave of rust and damage. There are millions of Mustangs, which means that any Mustang enthusiast can have tons of fun restoring a classic ‘Stang of their own. Hopefully, this car will soon reflect that revival process that has produced so many unique vehicles in the past.

This rustic red masterpiece of a car is a 1968 Shelby GT500KR which has spent the last 30 years of its life in various indoor storage spaces, including a barn and a storage building. Recently this beauty has been dragged out of the mug to see the light of day once more. Under the hood of this incredible find is nothing, the engine came with the car, but it was not in the engine bay. On the plus side, once the new owner finally manages to stuff the original Cobra Jet V8 back under the hood, he’ll be able to drive this beautiful pony car all Carroll Shelby Intended.

The only words one could genuinely use to describe the interior of this fantastic fastback is, “oof.” This initial surprise is primarily due to the worn floorboards, which seem to have minimal rust, and various car parts accompanying the mouse-nibbled seating. The seats, surprisingly, have remained in pretty good shape outside of the mouse-nibbling and cleaned up pretty well. Originally painted white from the factory, this car now sports a stunning red exterior that compliments the original sheet metal. We’ll see what the new owner does with this car, but we have high hopes for this classic ‘Stang.

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