Barnes concedes Wisconsin U.S. Senate race

Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes conceded in Wisconsin's U.S. Senate race as incumbent Ron Johnson was declared the winner in the crucial election.

Video Transcript

MANDELA BARNES: Now, unfortunately, we didn't get over the finish line this time. But I know that this movement has meant so much to all of us. But just because we didn't get across the finish line, that does not mean it's over.


And I did have a chance to talk to Senator Johnson. I told him the same thing I've been saying all along-- the same thing I've said each and every one of you since the start of this campaign-- reminding him that every single person in this state deserves a chance to achieve their dreams, whether that dream is being able to send your kids to a quality public schools knowing they'll be able to come home safely at the end of the day, or having the funds and support to start that small business that you've been thinking about for years now, or being able to pass your family farm to the next generation.

And I also told them that I would continue to help working-- or excuse me, I will continue to work to help make this state into what I know it can be. That's because I still believe that better as possible. And I'm in this for Wisconsin, for everybody who calls this place home, for every person gathered here today, and for the community that raised me into the person I am.

I'm in it for the people like my grandparents-- a union steelworker and a school cafeteria worker-- who worked their entire lives, laying a foundation for me. Because my story should never be the exception. My story should be the rule. Everybody should have a fair shot at success.

Together, we're going to continue to persevere. We're going to organize for better. We're going to fight for better. And one day soon, together, we will all achieve better. I can honestly say that I fought the good fight. I've run my race.


And I kept the faith. And I want to thank you for having faith in me. I want to thank you all so much for this opportunity. And let's all move forward together, everybody. Thank you so much.