Barnstable Teacher On Leave After Video Shows Student Being Thrown

Cell phone video of the incident was shared on social media. WBZ-TV's Tiffany Chan reports.

Video Transcript

- Well, this cell phone video tonight is front and center in an investigation into a Barnstable teacher. You can see a student falling to the ground after the teacher got in the middle of a student scuffle. The teacher is now off the job during the investigation, but as Tiffany Chan reports, a lot of people in the community say the teacher was put in a tough spot.

TIFFANY CHAN: A lot of mixed emotions here on the Cape. You have some defending the teacher, while other parents say if it was their child involved they'd be outraged. The video lasts only for a second, but shows what got a Barnstable high school teacher placed on administrative leave Thursday morning.

CORINA LIMA: That was very violent. That was very aggressive. That was awful. The sound just was heart-wrenching and horrible.

TIFFANY CHAN: It appears the teacher was trying to break up a fight, slamming one student to the ground. The loud bang is from the teen hitting a filing cabinet on the way down.

- It's just not something you do. No teacher should ever put their hands on a kid and deal with it that way, absolutely not.

TIFFANY CHAN: Barnstable Superintendent of Schools Meg Mayo-Brown says they're investigating the incident, telling us in a statement, "The teacher exhibited actions contrary to the values and expectations of Barnstable Public Schools." While many are outraged by the cell phone video around town, there are mixed emotions.

CORINA LIMA: I can understand the teacher trying to separate it and keep the peace.

TIFFANY CHAN: This mother and former teacher says it's a tough position to be in as an educator.

CORINA LIMA: I totally understand it from both directions. But if that was my child, I would be out of my mind.

TIFFANY CHAN: Others were less sympathetic to the teacher.

- I would be outraged, and I would absolutely have that teacher dealt with properly. You're not getting your job back. You're not getting paid. You need to sit and deal with what you just did.

TIFFANY CHAN: Barnstable police are now helping out with the investigation while that teacher remains on administrative leave. From Barnstable, I'm Tiffany Chan for WBZ News.

- Tiffany, thank you. This is.