Barrett was trustee at school with anti-gay policy

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett served for nearly three years on the board of private Christian schools that attendees say discriminated against LGBTQ people and their children. (Oct. 21)

Video Transcript

- Do you solemnly swear that the testimony that you're about to give this committee is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

AMY CONEY BARRETT: Courts have a vital responsibility to the rule of law, which is critical to a free society. But courts are not designed to solve every problem or right every wrong.

MARY BELTON: I was born into the People of Praise. My Parents moved there before I was born. All the People of Praise families were my family. Every, you know, weekend if we were hanging out with anybody, it was in People of Praise. My mom came out as gay and then we weren't welcome, and in fact, very shunned and pushed away. As soon as I knew that she was gay, I knew that that-- that was the problem. She was going to hell. I was going to hell if I supported her. So all of a sudden, everybody just cut me off, you know, I'm not welcome in my school, I'm not welcome at these homes that were, you know, for all intents and purposes my, like, second families.

CARA WOOD: You were kind of thrown out into the water with your teenage hormones and told that everything you were feeling was wrong, and then given no help. They like to pretend like it didn't exist. They called it "sexual preference."

AMY CONEY BARRETT: I have never discriminated on the basis of sexual preference, and would not ever discriminate on the basis of sexual preference.

MAZIE HIRONO: You use the term "sexual preference" to describe those in the LGBTQ community. And let me make clear, "sexual preference" is an offensive and outdated term.

AMY CONEY BARRETT: I certainly didn't mean, and, you know, would never mean to use a term that would cause any offense in the LGBTQ community. So if I did, I greatly apologize for that.

- Fine, you can take your mask off, please. Raise your right hand, stand up.