Barricade Suspect Surrenders After Reportedly Shooting From Sylmar Apartment Building

A gunman suspected of firing at police from a window of a Sylmar apartment building surrendered to authorities Monday afternoon.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news in Sylmar here on KCAL 9 News at 4:00. A man has been firing shots at police, and that standoff appears to have just come to an end moments ago.

- Desmond Shaw is live overhead in Sky 9. And Desmond, you saw them evacuating neighbors earlier.

DESMOND SHAW: Yes, Juan and Suzie, that's correct. Now we are in the Sylmar area here. You see LAPD, their SWAT team. They are breaking down the scene. This did have a peaceful ending.

We do have a couple of videos that we want to show you of earlier, of that surprisingly peaceful ending here. The suspect after an hours-long standoff, reportedly firing his gun out the window, and even at officers, just suddenly came out and peacefully surrendered. You see him following the commands, walking backwards. They got him in custody.

I also want to show you some tape where they had to evacuate some people. It was kind of a tense situation. People in these apartment buildings, they wanted to make sure that they got everybody out safely before they made any move.

But this was a standoff that lasted for several hours in Sylmar, 13,200 block of Broman Avenue. Again, that suspect, he was heavily armed. He was a known suspect, known to have many guns, and also suffering from severe mental illness. So that's why the SWAT team took several hours to get everything set up here just in case things went South. But again, amazingly, the suspect just decided that he had had enough. He came out, surrendered peacefully, and the situation is officially all clear in Sylmar.

Live in Sky 9 overhead, I'm Desmond Shaw. Juan and Suzie, back to you in the studio.

- All right, Desmond, thank you very much.

A very high speed pursuit.