Barry Keoghan calls Saltburn co-star Jacob Elordi his "baby boy"

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Saltburn spoilers follow.

Barry Keoghan has spoken about his friendship with his Saltburn co-star Jacob Elordi.

In the film, Keoghan's Oliver and Elordi's Felix have a twisted relationship, which ends in Oliver murdering Felix. He then takes everything from his family, making it all his.

In real life though, the actors thankfully have a much more healthy bond.

"He's my baby boy," Keoghan told Vanity Fair. "I love Jacob. He's one of my best friends."

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Keoghan then continued: "Obviously we met on this movie and I was aware of his work, but he's there for me and he's always got my back.

"When we have time, we chat on the phone or we go see one another. That's the beauty of making movies — you really do spark relationships with your costars.

"It's funny to see the internet go the way it's going. I'm so comfortable with him, and I can be my true self around that lad. He's a very intelligent, very fecking well-talented lad as well."

barry keoghan, jacob elordi smile together at the gq men of the year awards 2023
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The actor added: "And he's so tall. I just want to say that. We know that for the record, but my God, he's so tall. I looked at him on [Saturday Night Live] the other night and it's like, 'He's so tall.' We went to the LA Lakers game last year and we sat courtside. He was taller than half of them on the team. I was like, 'Oh, man.' It was brilliant."

He also heaped praise on his fellow Irish actors Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal for the success that they are currently having, and spoke about how much he enjoyed meeting Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Saltburn is available to stream now on Prime Video.

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