Baseball Is Back At Camden Yards, And Orioles Fans Couldn't Be Happier

Let’s turn two! Baseball is back and so is the lively atmosphere Baltimore has been starving for since 2019.

Video Transcript

- All right, Mark. Thank you. Let's get over to Max McGee, now, also live at the ballpark. I think it's safe to say that Max got the best assignment of the day.

- I don't know how he lucked out. Max, what are the vibes out there?

MAX MCGEE: It's not bad, to be honest with you. It's not often you see fans smiling after a loss like today. But the appreciation of live sports, it's not often you see any of this today. And of course, Baltimore is a tough city. But still, they're appreciative of live sports. They're back. Just check this out.

Let's turn two. Baseball's back, and so is that lively atmosphere the city has been starving for since 2019.

- It's a tradition for us. We come down early, grab breakfast, come over here, hang out, get to the games. And it's just baseball is in our blood.

GREG BADER: We will have pod seating for everyone. So you're either going to be in a seat that is six feet apart from everyone else in a two-seat, four-seat, or six-seat pod.

MAX MCGEE: Masks are required for everyone, but fans we spoke to don't seem to mind.

- It's so beautiful to see Camden Yards and to see Sliders and Pickles back open. It's been such a tough year.

MAX MCGEE: Pickles Pub usually isn't open until 11:00 AM. Today, there's an obvious exception. Check out this drone footage of the fans. Such a welcome sight after being robbed of the good times in 2020.

TOM LEONARD: We're going to beat last year's sales by 100%, pretty positive. So it's just good to have things out. I mean, granted, there's a new normal, obviously, as you can see us talking.

MAX MCGEE: It's a special year for the first place Orioles to return to those familiar faces, as there is no place like home. Here are some numbers to put it in perspective for you, OK? So 44,182. That was the crowd size the last time the fans were in the stands back in the year 2019. Now even with today's intimate setting of 11,000, we still heard plenty of cheers. Live at 7:00, Max McGee, WJZ.

- One thing about an Os fan, doesn't matter what the score is. Doesn't matter what's going on. You will hear them.

- You will hear them. We're gonna have a good time, regardless.

- Exactly. Thanks, Max.