Baseball’s Back! Previewing the 2022 MLB Season

Now that MLB’s player lockout is finally over, it’s time to let go of our fascination with competitive balance tax thresholds and instead talk about actual baseball. Ahead of the season start on Thursday, April 7, LZ and Will talk about which franchises face the most pressure in 2022. Will it be the teams that broke the bank in the offseason? The Los Angeles Dodgers signed first baseman Freddie Freeman to a six-year contract worth $162 million, and the New York Mets spent big to bring Max Scherzer to their pitcher’s mound — he’s guaranteed a $43.3 million salary over three seasons. Or will it be the clubs who made smaller changes and are instead banking on the talent they already have? Will and LZ talk it out, and agree on one thing, at least: it’s good to have baseball back.