Baseball legend Hank Aaron remembered in Atlanta

Baseball great Hank Aaron was remembered Tuesday at a memorial service at the stadium where his former team, the Atlanta Braves, now play. Aaron died in his sleep last Friday at his home. He was 86. His funeral is scheduled for Wednesday. (Jan. 26)

Video Transcript

ROB MANFRED: The man we gather to remember today belongs on our sports Mount Rushmore. He stood on and off the field above all others. While he made his name here in Atlanta and in Milwaukee, his loss has been felt across our great nation.

- It's gone! It's 7:15. There's a new homerun champion of all time, and it's Henry Aaron.

ROB MANFRED: Hank Aaron was an agent of change in our society. As he chased Babe Ruth's record, he received vile racist threats. Through that wrenching period, he courageously demonstrated the strength to keep going.

CHIPPER JONES: I've been asked many times in the last few days to describe Henry Aaron in one word. Without hesitation, that one word is simply, beautiful. The swing, the smile, and the spirit-- all beautiful.