Baseball TV reporter recovering after being struck in head by 95mph line drive

A baseball television reporter is recovering after she was struck in the head by a 95mph line drive during a game.

Kelsey Wingert was covering the game between the Colorado Rockies and the San Francisco Giants in Denver when she was struck.

Wingert, 29, received medical attention and was taken to hospital for tests and has taken to Twitter to share her condition and show off a picture of the stitches she required.

She said that a CT scan checking for internal bleeding and fractures had found nothing, but she needed both internal and external stitches to close the wound on her forehead.

“Checking in – Monday, I took a 95 MPH line drive to my head,” she tweeted.

And she added: “The stitches will have to come out in a week. I’m very lucky it wasn’t worse. It was just really scary and bummed me out given the circumstances.”

The reporter told her followers that she had been treated in hospital for five hours before being released.

“I’ve been staying at my GM’s house. I can’t say enough about AT&TSN & the Rox. I’ve never experienced support like this,” she tweeted.

Wingert is due to get married in June and says her doctors are “hoping the scar won’t be too bad for the wedding.”

It is not the first time that Wingert has been injured covering a baseball game.

In 2018, while covering the Atlanta Braves she was standing in a camera well on the field when she was struck by a ball hit by a Philadelphia Phillies player, suffering a fractured eye socket.