Basement fire in New City leaves 2 dead: CFD

A basement fire on Chicago's South Side Friday morning left a man and a woman dead, CFD said.

Video Transcript

- This is right near Garfield and Bishop. So the home that's sort of in the center of your screen, there was a fire that broke out in the basement and in the first floor. You can see from this picture, the fire is out, but we still have a lot of fire activity there. We understand at least one person was badly injured in this fire. Trying to get more information from the Chicago Fire Department, because several ambulances were called to the scene because of this fire.

Again, this is in the 1400 block of Garfield. All the equipment is at Garfield and Bishop. We're trying to get more information on injuries involved in this fire that started in the first floor and in the basement of this complex.